For producers, one of the biggest challenges to creating bootlegs has always been getting the stems to the original songs. For most pop records, the acapella is usually the biggest offender. Producers have traditionally relied on a variety of Ableton tricks to get the instrumental or acapella straight from the record or have had to resort to more nefarious places on the internet to look for them.

Now, SONY Music has teamed up with music/tech company Remix Hits to create a “stem marketplace” to allow DJs and remixers to not only access the stems they need but also to legally distribute the remixes. Through their remix licensing model, Remix Hits will offer DJs, producers, and remixers the ability to purchase and download licensed stems legally. Producers can then distribute their finished products via the Remix Hits Platform. Distribution via this platform is also supposedly set to include a revenue share plan to ‘fairly compensate rights holders.’

Remix Hits has since confirmed that they’re in talks with the other two major labels, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.


H/T: Digital Music News