After one of the previous Jai Wolf vs Ghastly Twitter battles, someone requested that a fan fic be made of the two of them – Josh Pan obliged in the most glorious way imaginable.

Now, with another Jai Wolf vs Ghastly Twitter battle behind us, and even though no one asked for it this time, Josh Pan has once again given the world another literary masterpiece, involving pretty much everyone from the most recent argument, as well as AWE.

The plot this time around revolves loosely around Death NoteΒ (referred to as the EDM Bible in this story), and a panel on racism suggested by Hotel Garuda. Beyond that, from the interactions between DJs like Luca Lush and Oshi, to the inclusion of Skrillex, Elon Musk, and a hybrid Diplo/_Diplo_ mechbot… that’s anyone’s guess.

Get started below!