There’s various interpretations for what “making it” in music means. Perhaps that means selling out a show in a big city, playing a prime time slot at a festival or working with one your dream collaborators. For a producer like ZHU, it’s safe to say he’s “made it” at this point in his career. But, his popular clothing line may have just “made it” by being featured in one of the most popular video game franchises.

Players customizing their characters in FIFA 18—the latest edition of the long-running soccer video game—can choose ZHU’s clothing line as an option for jerseys. The black jersey comes affixed with ZHU’s famous logo, which contrasts black and white coloring for a sharp and sleek look. While FIFA soundtracks regularly feature tunes from our favorite EDM artists, this marks the first time a producer’s clothing line has made the jump to the character customization options. We can’t wait to see digital avatars of our favorite soccer players decked out in ZHU’s clothing, especially during online matches, in the coming months.

Take a look at what ZHU’s clothing line looks like in FIFA 18 below:


Featured image via Joe Vitalari @vtlmedia