For the past two weeks, Martin Garrix has been sharing behind the scenes footage of his preparation for this year’s massive Coachella event. From rigging the stage production to creating the lighting sequences and more, fans have never had this sort of unfiltered look at the production behind a major festival event like this.

In this week’s episode, we finally head out to Palm Springs to meet up with Martin’s friends and family at their $5 million AirBnB before the festival officially gets under way – and Rory Kramer joins in the fun, too.

This video is less about the technical aspects of preparation, and more about how to stay sane and relaxed with the incredible amount of stress weighing down on you before such an event. The group buys floaties and essentials for the pool at their AirBnB, and Martin gets to spend some quality time with his parents and sister.

Also, if there was ever any doubt in your mind, we finally have the answer: Yes, Martin Garrix knows how to make scrambled eggs. Phew! Thank god we finally know for sure.

Check out the full video below!

The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E6 Palm Springs