Bass heavyweight Felmax has been catching the eye of trap and dub fans from around the globe with his insane production stylings. From releases on Trap Nation and their subsidiary label Lowly Palace, to receiving approval for release on major labels like Dim Mak and Spinnin’ Records, Felmax has continued to push the threshold of bass stylings with an intrinsic and unique sound. This time partnering with DJ duo PURGE, Felmax comes back with latest single “Make Love” which combines UK grime stylings and production with hard hitting trap sounds that will have fans from across the globe losing their shit in the pit.

A perfect blend of hip hop and trap, fans of each genre will be hard pressed to find an issue with the overall sound of the song, taking key elements from each specific style to create a blissful hybrid that will have you up in arms at the club or deep in thought while driving around late at night.

You can check out the track here and snag it for free download now!