How do you get Eastghost, Analogue Dear, Taska Black, DROELOE, Losi, ILIVEHERE., GOSLO, and San Holo on one song and make it sound cohesive? We’re not entirely sure, but it’s happened. The artists on bitbird have come together with the label’s founder to create “If Only,” one of the biggest, if not the biggest collab in EDM history.

There have been other instances where a bunch of artists have worked on a track, remixing the original and editing the remix, but as far as originals, this is one of the biggest collaborations we’ve seen. The track is almost unidentifiable to one single producer, though elements of each are still slightly noticeable in the mix.

The vibe is soft and melodic with rising, harmonious chords and a powerful drop, never really hitting any caustic or discordant tones or notes. It’s a slow, slow build with a dramatic climax, just the way we like it. Check out “If Only” below.