Rick and Morty fans are really pissed off over this whole “McDonald bringing back Szechuan sauce” thing — mainly because there wasn’t enough to go around during this hyped up, one-time only limited release of the rare dipping sauce.

It would have probably been easier to construct a portal gun and travel to another reality where Szechuan sauce flows from waterfalls or something than to actually get your hands on just one of these McDonald’s dips yesterday. There were multiple accounts of lines wrapped around various locations of the fast food chain, and very few success stories.

In a video below, an angry crowd chants, “We want sauce!” as police stand guard. Other fans took to Twitter to complain, but the craziest of stories involves a McDonald’s store in LA getting shut down due to the chaos (account via Reddit below).

Maybe deadmau5 wasn’t crazy when he paid over $15,000 for one of the last jugs of Szechuan sauce in circulation.

This madness just goes to show the power of Rick and Morty…

Fans Pissed Over Limited Szechuan Sauce

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An account from the one McDonalds in LA with Szechuan Sauce from LosAngeles


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