In order for artists to receive the maximum amount of exposure for their music, signing record label deals typically creates the best results. However, sometimes those same label deals compromise an artist’s vision in myriad ways, from holding a finished album, EP or single for extended periods of time to mismanaging the release of an album.

The latter example recently impacted Lido, who planned to celebrate the year anniversary of releasing his debut album Everything with a release of a limited edition vinyl of the album. Many of his fans noticed retailers marking the vinyl album as “sold out,” and Lido took to Twitter to address the issues with the release.

He says his label went behind his back and “screwed up the release,” but assures fans that they will still be able to order the vinyl once the details have been worked out. Lido even offered to sign every copy of the vinyl, and advised his fellow artists to never “sign anything” because “[they] can do it better [themselves].” While the exact problems of the release and the revised details of the release remain unknown, Lido fans can rest easy knowing he is now personally involved in efficiently releasing the limited edition vinyl of Everything.

Read Lido’s tweets on the issue below: