Oolacile’s new EP is out this Friday on Disciple Recordings, and he’s just dropped his newest single with Samplifire, “Alduin,” and it is simply wild.

For those not in the know, Alduin is a dragon from the Elder Scrolls game series; this particular dragon has also been called the “harbinger of the apocalypse,” so there’s that. And it seems that Oolacile and Samplifire have aimed to embody that spirit in the dragon’s namesake as this track is absolutely insanity. It’s atonal bass at its finest, playing with various patterns and rhythms throughout, bouncing and crashing with reckless abandon.

If there’s one thing to say about this track, it’s that it will likely cause as much mayhem on the dancefloor as the fictional Alduin caused in Skyrim (look it up). Check out the track below and pre-order Oolacile’s Embers EP here.