The Gaslamp Killer, accused of drugging and raping two women four years ago this past weekend, has quickly and nearly unanimously been dropped from lineups and shows for which he’s been booked. Despite no currently ongoing investigation nor indictment regarding the incident, the court of public opinion has made it known that those kinds of actions are not tolerated.

As a prime example, Gaslamp Killer’s Australia tour has been cancelled in its entirety.

His former label Brainfeeder, founded by Flying Lotus, was quick to issue a statement saying they were “shocked” to hear the news. They mentioned that The Gaslamp Killer has not released on the label in over 5 years, and he is not currently signed to the label.

Posted by BRAINFEEDER on Friday, October 13, 2017

But label founder Flying Lotus was more explicit in his support of The Gaslamp Killer at his show in Los Angeles this past weekend.

“The internet is a fuckin’ liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fuckin’ law, okay? … Thank you guys so much for coming, let truth and justice have its day.”

Read The Gaslamp Killer’s response here.


via NME