Glenn Morrison, a staple of Canadian dance music who has tackled everything from charting on Billboard Top 40 in Canada to going platinum on previous records, has released a new album. The solo artist has proven his versatility, releasing everything from classical piano to tech house, though his strong suit is definitely house; he’s dropped over a dozen new tracks in his new album Dark Waters.

Available in vinyl or digital, Dark Waters has serious momentum set in place. The single “Jade Garden” hit #1 on Change Underground’s Hype Chart. With early support from Adam Beyer, Adriatique, Agents of Time, and dozens more, Dark Waters is setting itself apart from the crowd with gusto. Pete Tong has called Glenn Morrison the ‘unsung hero of the summer’ on BBC Radio 1, this is certainly a unique act to keep an eye out for.

Don’t forget to check out the full length album on Spotify!