It’s official, the penguin is back for good. Last July, Ephixa made his big return to Monstercat after a near four-year hiatus from the label with the deep house ballad “Matches.” However, many speculated that the release was simply a tease and didn’t signify any kind of significant reestablishment of Ephixa to the Monstercat roster.

“Losing You” puts an end to that speculation. Not only is Ephixa back on the official roster, but he’s coming with his absolute A-game. “Losing You” is a work of top-tier progressive house, taking clear inspiration from defining names in the genre, notably deadmau5.

Along for the ride is Laura Brehm, a fellow Monstercat native known for her countless vocal features across the label, but has been recently recognized as a songwriter, guitarist and music producer as well. On “Losing You,” Brehm’s pad-like vocals are laid beautifully over the track’s gorgeous 12/8 beat, making this song to be one of the best and most unique Monstercat has had to offer this year.

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