After an electrifying teaser of Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso’s new single “Only For Your Love” two weeks ago, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the song’s release. Finally, that day is upon us, and we’ve come to find out that the track is actually way more complex that we’d been anticipating.

The original mix is actually interesting just on its own, as it seems to do away with traditional build-drop-rise convention, beginning instead with basically what is the drop. It’s only after a minute into the track that something resembling an intro comes into view. And at under three minutes, with such a lengthy “intro” section, it sort of makes sense.

The extended mix is really where the magic happens though – a true intro/build/rise section leads in with cascading synth notes and a subtle vocal loop getting louder and louder, accompanied by pounding drums. The drop comes completely unexpectedly, and it’s impossible to tell whether it leans more toward electro house or moombahcore… but merely the fact that moombahcore is coming up in this conversation at all is noteworthy.

This is bound to be a favorite in Romero’s and Picasso’s sets for years to come; check it out below.

Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso – Only For Your Love


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