Oh jeez… We all know the type. The ones who got into the show last night for free because they “put out” for the band or the DJ.

If you want to actually do that, no one is stopping you. But it’s totally uncool to lie about it. Especially considering sometimes the touring artists being named have significant others, or even families. In this case, Jauz is the target of an extra thirsty fan.

One Twitter user took it upon herself to screenshot another as she goes into an intricate story about how she gets her tickets for free.

“I haven’t paid in like two years,” the Jauz “groupie” brags.

With that being said, we don’t know what actually went down or didn’t. We weren’t on the so called tour bus, we didn’t see the molly or the coke being handed out, nor the “sex with Jauz any day” the following fan is claiming. But we’re going to have to call bullshit anyways.

Just, stop.

Jauz Fan Brags About Free Sex And Drugs

 Photo via Rukes.com