It was only a month ago when Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King originally gave the EDM world the challenge to “try not to headbang” to their unexpected collaboration “Vantablack.” While most listeners that attempted the quartet’s challenge failed miserably, the ones that somehow didn’t were not aware that the challenge would soon be extended to six tracks, with “Vantablack” being just a taste of what was to come on Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King’s collaborative EP.

After weeks of teasers, the Vantablack EP is finally out on all platforms. Needless to say, the EP is generally as mental as its title track, combining metal and brostep in perfect harmony on smashers like “Navigator,” “Timbale” and “Hammer.”

Not every song on the EP follows this formula, however. Tracks 3 and 4 (“Roam” and “Sight of Your Soul”) notably separate themselves from the rest of the bangers by rooting their identities outside the bounds of EDM. “Roam” is a short interlude track that takes influence from ambient and orchestral music, while “Sight of Your Soul” is a straight rock ballad with lyrics that come straight from the heart.

In short, Vantablack is a diverse collection of songs that showcases Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King’s talents across the board, containing everything from dubstep neck-breakers to more soft and heartfelt pieces. No matter what, this isn’t an EP worth skipping over.

Listen to Vantablack or download the EP below:

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