Colombia, known in part for its role in the cocaine trade, has just made the largest cocaine bust in the history of the country. More than twelve tons of cocaine were discovered stored underground in banana farms near the Colombia-Panama border. The seizure was conducted by a combined task force of 400 anti-narcotics officers.

The street value comes out to approximately $360 million.

Watch the video below for an idea of just how many bricks of cocaine it takes to make up 12 tons:

And leave it to VICE to do some serious computational math on the subject:

“Seeing as we’ve already done some maths, let’s do some more, just for a bit of fun. How long a line could you make out of all those bags? If we say a gram racked up into one long line would come out at about 30cm, totalled up that’s 391,903,920cm, or 3,919km – a little longer than the distance between London and Cairo, as the crow flies.”

You probably have a friend who would read that and think, “Yeah, try me.” Please don’t.