While we might still use Soundcloud for digging through some of the more unknown artists on the web, Spotify has more than solidified its presence as the power streaming service around. Breaking a song on Spotify translates to dozens of other industry related successes, and presence on playlists is driving plays for key songs through the roof.

New data released by Spotify indicate that, overall, more people are listening to Spotify, those listeners are listening for longer, and they’re listening to more artists.

“Considering these graphs, plus the fact that we added 20 million subscribers in the past year, it’s clear more listeners are hearing more music on Spotify, and they’re streaming a wider variety of music,” write Spotify’s David Erlandsson and Jomar Perez. “In other words, the pie is getting bigger and there are more slices going around.”

The data shows that artist diversity and amount of time spent listening on Spotify are positively correlating, meaning the more artists there are, the more likely people are to spend on the platform listening to music. It’s a fantastic metric of general trust and experimentation from listeners on the platform, and only points to further growth as time goes on.


via Hypebot