Porter Robinson just shared his new song “Ghost Voices” via his new Virtual Self alias and we’re still playing it on the hour, every hour, because it’s just so good.

Before, we might have been a little careful to say that Porter himself dropped the song, but now there’s no false equivalency. Rather than being uploaded to the Virtual Self Soundcloud, the new single yesterday was uploaded directly to the Porter Robinson Soundcloud and just reposted by VS.

It seems that with every new revelation about Virtual Self, we gain two new questions about the project. Is there a reason this song was uploaded to Porter’s channel and not Virtual Self’s? Is it because it couldn’t be? Will the next song be uploaded to Porter’s channel? Or Virtual Self’s? Or some other person’s entirely?

Additionally, Twitter user @Sea0fAlex has put forth another crazy theory… what if Rin (the character from the “Shelter” anime video) is Virtual Self? Definitely something to think about.


Photo via Rukes.com