Every year, fans have been able to look forward to Excision’s mix from his Shambhala set – he’s been doing it since at least 2009, at least that’s as far back as the mixes go in my library. However, moving forward, Excision announced that there will be just one annual mix released.

First, Excision announced the release date for the new annual mix: November 21. This is a lot later than his past Shambhala mixes, which are usually released mid- to late-September, around a month after Shambhala. However, with Lost Lands this year, the mix had to be pushed back – or in this case, done away with entirely.

Still, Excision promises that the new mix will come with a live version, which has been the main reason for the delay. That being said, we can’t wait for November 21!


Photo via Fadewood Studios