Fans of dance music’s favorite Mau5 are likely well versed in his label, mau5trap, which has worked to showcase an abundance of talent with releases from the likes of ATTLAS, No Mana, Blackgummy, Rezz and so many more. A stable for the dark and progressive side of the dance community, mau5trap has become renowned by fans nationwide from the illustrious showcases they put together, to the forward thinking talent they sign, all helmed by the masked master Deadmau5 himself. Now, fans can wear a little bit of their hearts on their sleeve (literally) by picking up the debut merch line from the label.

Releasing its very first bundle of merchandise today, mau5trap steps forward with some amazingly designed articles of clothing, featuring t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and even a sticker pack. From a radiograph mouse laid on top of a simple mau5trap tee to the glitched out HORDE Loading long-sleeve (which has us drooling for one), the merch line satiates your need to express yourself as part of the mau5trap pack! Wrapping it all up with a smooth sticker pack to deck out your phone cases, laptops and more, the debut launch is a strong first line in mau5trap sponsored clothing that you must have. Check out the new merch store here and take a look at some of the items below for a taste of what’s to come.