Porter Robinson has confirmed that a Virtual Self EP will be dropping later this month on November 29.

The website launched with the announcement is a visual and aural masterpiece, combining imagery and mysterious symbols to create one incredible amalgam. From the website, we know that the current Virtual Self singles “Eon Break” and “Ghost Voices” will be on the EP.

Additionally, it seems that the EP will be split between the two Virtual Self “avatars,” also known as Technic_Angel and Pathselector.

Technic_Angel tracks:

  • Eon Break
  • Key [unreleased]
  • Particle Arts [unreleased
  • 2 unknown songs

Pathselector tracks:

  • Ghost Voices
  • A.I.NGEL
  • 3 unknown songs

VIRTUAL SELF EP 11/29 ||| SONG PREVIEWS: www.virtualself.co

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Right-clicking on any of the song previews will do one of three things: for the already released tracks, you will be taken to the YouTube song pages; for many of the rest, you’ll be taken to a Virtual Self forum page with hundreds of thousands of posts and entries, all seemingly procedurally generated; for one you’ll be shown the video below.

The information on the forum page alone will take hours to sift through but the one piece of information we know for sure is that there is an EP coming in 12 days.