Dillon Francis and his most famous alter ego DJ Hanzel battled it out in a Your EDM reader poll — and the results are in.

The man himself, Dillon Francis triumphed over DJ Hanzel with a 59% to 41% end game. Although both are freakishly handsome, ridiculously hilarious, and make the sickest beats, we’re happy about this outcome considering Dillon made Hanzel what he is today.

If we had to guess DJ Hanzel’s reaction to all this, it would probably sound something like, “Zee voting iz rigged!” Lately, he’s been spending his time making Dillon Francis “me mes” like this one.

Watch Dillon Francis role play as many other characters in his latest “Hello There” music video!

Dillon Francis vs. DJ Hanzel

Dillon Francis or DJ Hanzel?

Posted by Your EDM on Monday, November 6, 2017


Photo via Rukes.com