Sorry, not sorry. We had to ask the question — DJ Paris Hilton or DJ Pauly D?

The reality stars both skyrocketed to fame in their own right, and have cultivated a circuit of shows and club appearances that work well with their party lifestyles.

So, Foam and Diamonds or GTL? While no one really likes to admit whether they prefer one or the other, we couldn’t resist hearing you all out with this one. Heiress Paris Hilton only came up with 38% votes while DJ Pauly D scored 62% of votes for an easy victory.

While some commenters questioned Paris Hilton’s DJ skills, others questioned who DJ Pauly D even was. So, we’re not 100% sure if people were voting for Pauly D or against Paris Hilton…

Note to all those who seemed to be offended at this poll: this is all clearly just for fun and should be taken with a grain of salt.

DJ Paris Hilton vs. DJ Pauly D

Paris Hilton or DJ Pauly D?

Posted by Your EDM on Wednesday, December 6, 2017