Facebook has done it again! Yesterday, Twitter user Case Sandberg posted a screenshot from his Messenger app notifying him that he was currently on a two-day chatting ‘streak’ with a friend. If that ‘streak’ concept sounds familiar to you it’s probably because it’s a direct copy of the Snapchat Snapstreak feature which has kept many a user using the application at least once a day over ridiculously long periods.

Per Mashable, a Messenger spokesperson said that the purpose of the new streak feature was to allow Messenger users to “see fun facts about the people [they] message with.”

“For example, a lightning bolt may appear next to the name of a person you’ve messaged with for at least three days in a row, and a counter will indicate how many consecutive days you’ve been chatting. We’re interested to see if people enjoy this insight, but we don’t have any additional information to share at this time.”

While it’s definitely a great idea, at this point you’ve got to start feeling for Snapchat a little. Don’t be surprise if Facebook also rolls this out to both WhatsApp and Instagram shortly after completely destroying the novelty of the feature.

H/T: The Verge