Infected Mushroom – one of the psytrance scene’s most legendary names – has officially joined the Monstercat roster.

Though 2017 has been a huge year for psy on Monstercat, it mostly came in the form of hard dance tracks (Zero Hero’s “Bass Drop” and Kayzo & Slander’s “Holy,” for example). Infected Mushroom’s debut on the label – “Spitfire” – is the first song in Monstercat history to actually use the “psytrance” tag.

Diving straight into the soul of psy, “Spitfire” is a 7-minute epic that infuses elements of metal and Indian music with its sweeping synthesizers and thumping bass lines. It’s definitely not the most “out there” song when it comes to psychedelic music, but will give fans unexposed fans a good taste of what the psytrance world has to offer.

With Monstercat recruiting so many top-tier producers from their respective genres (Gareth Emery, Kill The Noise and Andy C, among others), it only makes sense that their first official psytrance release would be from the duo that has largely popularized the genre since the late ’90s.

Infected Mushroom is a name that fits particularly well on the label roster, considering the duo released a collaboration with the long-time Monstercat artists Pegboard Nerds just a few years ago. Perhaps we’ll see a “Nerds on Mushrooms 2” released at some point soon? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, listen to “Spitfire” and download the track below:

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