Slander & Kayzo‘s collaborative EP Dilapidation Celebration is finally here.

The two bass music giants took the EDM world by surprise when they released the poppy, ballad-like single “Without You” last month. Though the song was not received with as much acclaim as their solo Monstercat releases (“This Time” and “Superhuman“), Kayzo & Slander ensured that the second single from Dilapidation Celebration would be a bit more wild.

Sure enough, Kayzo & Slander absolutely delivered with “Holy.” The track is monumental, especially thanks to its earth-shattering hardcore drop, backed by a speedy psytrance bassline. Additionally, the song’s intro has an epic mid-2000s punk rock feel to it thanks to a vocal appearance from “Feel the Power” collaborator Micah Martin.

Simply said, “Holy” just might be the best hardcore has had to offer this year. Do you agree? Listen for yourself and decide:

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