Legendary Detroit rapper Eminem hasn’t released an album in 5 years — but details are finally trickling in surrounding his upcoming project Revival.

Our ears perked up when Em released his new single “Walk On Water” featuring Beyoncé, with his most vulnerable yet fierce lyrical delivery heard in recent history. Still, little was known about when Marshall Mathers would release the comeback album fans have been longing for.

Leave it to Dr. Dre to drop the bomb on us. The rapper responsible for discovering Eminem tweeted out a teaser video giving away — not much, honestly — but just the right dosage to keep us guessing.

“Use as prescribed by your doctor. @Eminem,” Dre tweeted.

Eminem later followed up with the same video and confirmed, “ DEC. 15.”

Eminem – Revival – Coming December 15th

Photo via Wikimedia Commons