Back in the middle of October, III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival warranted attention and praise for bringing artists, DJs, and bands from a wide array of genres that seldom visit South Florida. At this year’s show, they brought hip-hop acts like Danny Brown, Lil B, and Skepta; electronic musicians such as Richie Hawtin, Lane 8, and Barclay Crenshaw; and bands such as the Gorillaz, Hundred Waters, and the xx. With one of the most unique lineups of the year coupled with fascinating art installations, the minds who have been orchestrating III Points for the last five years have now fused their brand to Miami’s music scene.

As part of their Art Basel Concert Series, III Points is bringing more legendary musical acts to Wynwood with two different shows.

On December 5th, Icelandic fashion idol and multi-genre wonder Björk will deliver a DJ set at Mana Wynwood. Hot off the heels of releasing her latest album Utopia, Björk’s nearly four-decades long career of dabbling in pop, IDM, trip-hop, and electronic music will manifest itself to audiences in an intimate yet capacious warehouse space. Opening for her will be Oneohtrix Point Never, the Brooklyn-based producer of electronic, hypnagogic, and experimental music.

On December 10th, one of the most important cliques of hip-hop will overwhelm Mana Wynwood. From their explosive start with their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) to their most recent album The Saga Continues, most of the members of the Wu-Tang Clan are scheduled to perform. There’s also news of a possible meet-and-greet and autograph signings with fans if tickets sell out. If that’s the case, 1-800-Lucky will host the meet-and-greet on December 9th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Between Björk and Wu-Tang Clan performing in the same venue in the same week, this year’s Art Basel appears to be more conscious of bringing artistic visionaries beyond visual media.

Björk (DJ Set), December 5th @ Mana Wynwood:

Wu-Tang Clan, December 10th @ Mana Wynwood: