Porter Robinson has done a lot of retrospection this year. Early this year, he essentially disowned all but 11 of his songs, most of them on his Worlds album. However, more recently in October, he revealed that he was “going through some difficult stuff at that time” which prompted his decision and outburst.

Now, he’s gone all the way back to a tweet from 2014 which reads, “my shows are not raves.” In response to that quote, he now says, “jk.” A simple man might view this tweet on the surface and think nothing more of it, but with the very first Virtual Self show coming up in just a week, I think maybe he’s hinting at the kind of party he’s going to be throwing.

From this point on is just speculation, but the whole Virtual Self project feels like an homage to older styles and themes, so a legitimate “rave” wouldn’t be out of the question. When “EON BREAK” first dropped, everyone thought of DDR, a game that was popularized in the ’90s and ’00s, right around the time when dance music was beginning to bloom. The nature of the project, as well, in its mystery and everything else, seems like it would benefit from a dark room with few lights and an decentralized musical platform.

But, that will all be confirmed or proven false a week from today. For now, I suppose we can take solace knowing that Porter obsesses over some of his old tweets like a normal person, too.


Photo via Rukes.com