Sometimes when risks are taken, they can reap rewards or fall in failure. For dubstep veteran Excision, the former appears to be true with starting his own music festival, Lost Lands. From the incredible lineup provided in its debut to the crazy-stories to surface from that monstrous weekend, Lost Lands has quickly become the “it” destination for bass-heads across the globe. This notion is accentuated when one takes into account how their servers were already crashing from fans accessing the pre-sale and having sold more tickets in one hour for 2018 than Lost Lands 2017 sold in its first month.

Because of the influx of Lost Lands patrons all trying to get a hold of their tickets for next year’s show, many fans were left bitter from servers crashing as soon as they accessed the website. Even Excision himself had to make a statement in a Lost Lands fan group to mitigate the issue. Here’s what Excision said:

“Lost Lands Fam,

As of my writing this we’ve already sold 15,000 tickets. That means we sold more in the first hour than we did in the entire first MONTH of 2017 tickets. With no lineup announced and with the festival being so far away we honestly did not anticipate this quick of a response. So first off, thank you to ALL of you, I cannot wait to make this year insane for you all!

With the Loyalty Pre-sale, I hear you guys and I’m just as upset with how it went down. You guys asked for it so I really wanted to make it work. But since we did not have you guys register your wristbands before Lost Lands 2017 we could not create unique codes for everyone who attended. In retrospect, we should’ve waited until next year to do a Loyalty Pre-Sale after making wristband registration happen.

For this year, in our attempt to make it work, we had to use a generic code, “HEADBANGER”. We knew the code would spread, but we did not think it would spread faster than Mailchimp could send emails to last year’s purchasers (they’re the world leader in emails, apparently…). We were told it would only take 10 minutes to send to the entire list, so that’s what we planned for, not 40 minutes. As a result a lot of Loyalty people missed the chance to get the first two tiers of tickets.

We wanted to make you guys happy this year by still having a Loyalty Pre-sale, our goal was to give 24 hour access to attendees from last year, and the people in this group, so that you had the opportunity to buy first. We did not anticipate that there were so many people who were ready to buy in the first hour of the pre-sale. We did our best with what we had to work with this year, I am truly sorry if we let you down, and we’ll do better next time.

So even though not everything went as planned, the vast majority of purchases have been under the same email as last year, so the vibes are going to be just as awesome. The insane amount of demand for Lost Lands tickets is seriously pumping me up to make 2018 freaking incredible! We have been planning for 2018 since the day we left Legend Valley this year, and there’s so much we haven’t announced yet.

Thank you everyone, for your patience and understanding. There’s an incredible festival waiting for you, even bigger and better than last year. See you in 2018!

If this is how tense Lost Lands is going to be on just the pre-sale, we can only imagine what kind of arduous process attaining tickets during the regular sale will be like. Either way, this news only confirms that Lost Lands 2018 is the place to be next year.


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