Monstercat‘s favorite up-and-coming bass music duo is back once again for what just might be their darkest single to date.

Capping off KUURO‘s first full year as a duo, “Doji” fittingly brings something completely new to the table. The track puts a minimalistic, yet groovy spin on the drumstep subgenre, with the duo blending in their unique sound design and atmospheric elements to submerge listeners into the world of KUURO.

“Doji” seems to be named after Ibaraki-dōji, a demon featured in numerous Japanese tales. This is visually represented in the track’s artwork, which portrays the duo being confronted by a floating man wearing a demon mask.

Though “Doji” is the first time KUURO has made it blatantly obvious, the duo has referenced demonology and the supernatural numerous times in the past, notably with “Possession” and their debut single “Aamon” (whose name is a nod to a another demonic legend).

Whether or not you desire to dig deeper into the lore of the KUURO narrative, you have to admit that this future-gothic aesthetic really adds a special and unique flavor to their music.

Listen to “Doji” and download the track below:

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