Marshmello is getting pretty serious with his new girlfriend — so much so, that he’s bringing her to meet the Mello Fam for the holidays!

But let’s back up a bit, because Marshmello picks up right where he left off in the “Blocks” official music video. The new storyline sets the scene for “Take It Back,” the producer’s brand new release.┬áThis is like Meet the Parents Marshmello style, complete with its own fair share of family drama.

While the sugary, future bass goodness doesn’t have any lyrics to explain this Christmas story, it doesn’t need to — the characters tell it all. Even without facial expressions. Behind it all, the track expresses an endless explosion of happiness, so it’s no wonder there’s an equally happy ending.

If you’ve ever wondered what Marshmello’s home life was like, well it looks very picturesque. Meet his parents, siblings, grandparents, and even a little baby Mello in the new “Take It Back” video!

Marshmello – Take It Back


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