Party people — where you at!? Well, if you’re in Hamburg, Germany then we know you’re partying the hardest!

A new report has found the small city of Hamburg to be the “it” spot for the partiers across the world. Dance music havens like HALO Club, Bahnhof Paul, and Baalsaal offer inane sound systems, house, techno, and other forms of electronic music. Hostel World recommends you shouldn’t go out until midnight, because that’s when the party really gets started.

Hostel World “tried and tested” almost every city to discover it’s own definitive list of “Best Night Out In The World!” Apparently the publication didn’t ask any ravers though — because where the hell is Ibiza!?

Nevertheless, it’s hard to argue with some of these nightlife powerhouses. From Berlin, to Dublin, to Amsterdam, and all the way back to New York, these are the cities that promise the best nights out from across the world!

Which city do you think makes for the “Best Night Out?”

Top 10 “Best Night Out” Cities

1. Hamburg, Germany
2. Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Dublin, Ireland
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
7. Gothenburg, Sweden
8. Prague, Czech Republic
9. Warsaw, Poland
10. New York, US


Source: Hostel World