While this golden DJ “opener” rule should go without saying, it needs to be reiterated again — if you’re opening up for an artist, don’t play out their track before they get a chance to. Especially their biggest hit.

This happened to Chet Porter at Larimer Lounge in Denver last night. As he was gearing up to take the stage he noticed a familiar song playing out prematurely. It was “Stay,” only his most famed track.

Which brings us to our next DJ “opener” rule — avoid playing banger after banger after banger. It’s not tasteful. Whoever was opening for Chet Porter, also disregarded this important rule.

Other DJs including Manilla Killa, Rezz, Louis the Child and more jumped in on the conversation…

In the end, it sounds like everything turned out ok. Chet thanked his dedicated fans for selling out the show, and it seems he had a great time despite playing with the flu and hearing “Stay” before he ever hit the stage.

So, what did we learn today, openers?

1. Never play a headliner’s music.

2. Stop playing so many damn bangers.

Chet Porter – Stay ft. Chelsea Cutler

Photo: Cole Janeteas