It’s undeniable that music can drastically change your mood. As you manipulate the soundtrack of your life  you may feel a shift in your demeanor — whether you tune up an uplifting, feel good track, something angsty, chill or somber, or even sad. But the affects of music could be even deeper than that.

A collection of studies reported by Greater Good Magazine of Berkeley detail five ways in which listening to music can make you a better person. Perhaps you want to be more generous, empathetic, or cooperative — its suggested that songs with the following attributes can actually change your character.

Though much is needed to be explored in the realm of music and it’s affects on listeners, these studies that Greater Good Magazine outlines make a lot of sense. As EDM lovers, we can attest that most dance music is uplifting, positive, and definitely movable. Which according to these studies, would make us all a little better of a person each time we listen.

Five Ways Music Can Make You A Better Person

1. Listening to uplifting music may make you happier—and possibly more generous
Example: Pharrell – “Happy”

2. Songs with prosocial lyrics may make you more helpful and empathic
Example: Black Eyed Peas – “Where Is The Love?”

3. Listening to prosocial songs may change how you spend your money
Example: The Beatles – “Can’t Buy Me Love”

4. Song lyrics may change your attitude towards people different from you
Example: Aretha Franklin – “Respect”

5. Making and moving to music may boost cooperation and connection
Example: Pretty much every EDM song ever.

Seriously… It’s impossible to listen to “Happy” and not want to be a better person.

Pharrell Williams – Happy

H/T: Flipboard | Source: Greater Good