Everyone out there is having a blast at Holy Ship! 11.0… Everyone but deadmau5.

The legendary DJ is on the bill as Testpilot, along with other heavy hitters like Excision, Rezz, NGHTMRE, Slander, Valentino Khan, Joyryde and so many more. Unfortunately, it seems he doesn’t vibe well with Ship Fam, at least according to a few tweets he shared from aboard the music festival cruise.

“Why the fuck did I say ok to this,” deadmau5 wrote.

It wasn’t long before Noisia responded, “Let’s meet up and be cynical together.”

deadmau5 proceeded to open up about his experience at Holy Ship! — “Help. I’m locked in my room. I can’t move 4 feet without ‘bro.'”

Come to think of it Holy Ship! doesn’t sound like the producer’s cup of tea. Or cup of Pepsi either.

Hours later, he provided an update following his set. Turns out deadmau5 didn’t have such a bad time after all… He was a good sport and thanked the crowd for staying up to see him.

deadmau5 is always good for a laugh — hopefully he made the most of his Holy Ship experience!


Photo via Rukes.com