E-Fire is short for Electrical Fire, which is an apt name because his debut single, “Contradict” sounds like the musical equivalent of a such a thing. Weird, synth-driven rock flickers and flashes through this unique, almost experimental track and leaves the listener at once confused and wanting more (not that you generally would want more of an electrical fire), wondering where this eclectic style will lead next.

The roots of “Contradict” are traceable. There are elements of King Missile on the rock side, Korn on the electronic rock end and Philip Glass on the experimental electronica side to form the interesting sound created by this track. It’s weird and synthy, yet guitar-driven but not in a way most EDM fans have seen before. The vocals are half-spoken, half-sung, not melodic in any way and are thus sort of punk on top of all this noise. Said vocals are nasal, sharp, half-rapped and likely designed to sound a bit disagreeable. This is where the King Missile element comes in, though the young E-Fire (and probably a lot of Your EDM readers) may not realize it.

The synthy, warped guitar is the main aspect of the music which will likely be associated with EDM on this track, and with the vocals removed or cut up and a new beat applied, this could be a very potent and punk rock drum and bass or dubstep track. Punk and metal seem to translate easily to these genres, but E-Fire seems to have this song’s structure ready-made to remix.

It’s unclear yet just what E-Fire’s style will be since “Contradict” it literally his first track on this project,and it will be interesting to see how E-Fire develops said style. That said, it wouldn’t be surprising as new tracks come out that more electronic sounds are woven into this weird style. After all, his name isn’t “Acoustic Fire.”

“Contradict” by E-Fire is out now and can be streamed on Soundcloud or downloaded on Bandcamp.