There’s a Monopoly edition of literally everything. Star Wars, Nintendo, Rick and Morty, literally everything. But, parent company Hasbro must license the Monopoly brand for a new edition to be official. So, many counterfeit or fanmade versions of Monopoly exist. The latest fanmade version of Monopoly directly spoofs a stereotype of the EDM population: wooks.

Wookery, sold on JimDavisArtwork’s Etsy store, is a spin on Monopoly that pokes fun at wooks. For those who don’t know what wook means, Urban Dictionary sums it up best:

“A dirty, hairy, stinky, mal-nourished, dishonest creature that often travels in packs, with possibly and unfortunately, mangy, multi-colored dogs on hand-made all natural, organic hemp leashes, or alone wandering aimlessly around a concert (usually “hippie music”) parking lot with a few seemingly more important than the music goals”

The game is a lot simpler than Monopoly, opting for simple spaces like “take a drink” or “roll again” instead of using property spaces. The board itself is layered with pictures, including photos of Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, GRiZ and even the wook namesake Chewbacca the wookie. To win, players must collect wonky cards while passing the “start” space. Players also land on the heady card spaces and pick up heady cards, which have hilarious scenarios that move players forward or backward.

For people interested in buying Wookery, we have some bad news: the game is sold out. But if the game’s popularity on social media is any indication, expect a restock sooner rather than later.

Check out photos of Wookery below:


Photo Credits: JimDavisArtwork