Dancing through a hurricane, soaked in technicolor rain… That’s exactly where you’ll get caught up with 3LAU‘s latest new track “On My Own!”

The seriously gorgeous production will melt your brain as it glides through a synthy dreamworld all its own. As 3LAU takes the reins with a brilliantly confident mix, Nevve meets him halfway with an absolutely killer vocal performance. It’s hard to find anything about this track that doesn’t sound like heaven.

“On My Own” is only a preview of what’s to come, working as a single from his debut album Ultraviolet due out February 16th. While this should give us some sort of satisfaction, it really just has us more amped up than ever to hear what 3LAU has in store.

Just one listen and you’ll be hooked to 3LAU’s “On My Own” featuring Nevve! Listen!

3LAU – On My Own featuring Nevve


Photo via Rukes.com