Dirtybird was hit with a curveball this morning when the inaugural Dirtybird Campout East was forced to close their gates for approximately three hours while they negotiated with residents and officials to clear a noise violation from the previous night that was in violation of their permits. Campers were left with nowhere to go except the nearest town, where they waited patiently (or not) for some official news. At approximately 4:45pm local time, Dirtybird said the gates were back open.

Unfortunately, one of the concessions for opening up again was that they were not allowed to play any music today. Addressing the camp, Dirtybird founder Claude VonStroke told campers, “[unintelligible] … tell everyone whats going on officially, because we love you, and we’re, we’re just gonna tell you the truth and tell you whats going on. Last night we were a little too loud, a little too awesome, and, everyone freaked out, within 6, 7 miles of here… and, we are definitely not going to have music tonight, arrrg… it’s terrible. But, I can’t say that for the rest of the time, but for now, (it’s) tonight, there’s not gonna be any tunes, but, trust me, there’s no one more bummed out than me… But I’m really happy you guys are all here because everyone’s been so positive today, (cheers) and they can take away our speakers but they can’t take away our love and our happiness.”

He continued, “Of course we’re all devastated, we’re trying out best, we’ve literally been on the phone all day, we called Pitbull, and every single person in Florida it feels like, uh, it’s just gonna have to keep on happening, we’re just gonna dona bunch of stuff, and obviously, maybe some of your might wanna go, that’s okay, but if you stay its gonna be fun as hell, we’re gonna have a great time, rusty’s gonna be up here playing disco bingo, if anyone has a soccer ball, we’ve got a bunch of guys here from Brazil….”

So, yes, it’s true – right now, there’s no music at a music festival. But! The Campout has always been about community and activities as much as music, so surely there will be no shortage of community building while there’s no music to keep everyone occupied.

Music tomorrow is still not 100% guaranteed, but pay attention to @DirtybirdCamp for any updates.