Artists are constantly under pressure to innovate and to improve. Fans are ruthless in their demand for fresh content – “If you’re just putting out the same thing as before, why should I listen?” It’s an unproductive way of viewing art, but it’s the world in which artists find themselves.

Thankfully, PLS&TY was able to push his sound further than ever with his remix of Cazzette’s “Run The World.” The vocals are only one part of the formula, but an important one in carrying the emotionality of the track. On the other hand, he was able to turn Cazzette’s dark and grungy garage track into a powerful bass anthem with heavily textured synths and a syncopated beat.

“Cazzette’s ‘Sleepless’ is one of my all time favorite songs, so I was very happy to be able to complete a Remix from Cazzette’s high-profile body of work. The vocal in ‘Run The World’ immediately grabbed my attention. With this remix, I desired to give the vocal space to shine on top of the jarring strings, building into a powerful chorus section that echoes “I’ll never let you go”. I hope the fans enjoy a taste of a grittier sound.” – PLS&TY

Check out PLS&TY’s new remix below!