We caught up with one of our current favourite producers filous during his current US tour with Mat Kearney, in order get a close look at all of his touring must-haves.

1. No matter where I go I always bring my rainbow shirt! My dad made it a couple years ago and gave it to me! Whenever I wear it while playing a show, it reminds me of my family and being home in Vienna.

2. A new addition to my instrument family is “Hans” the Guitaret. It’s an instrument that was made in Germany from 1961-1963. I’ve been wanting to buy one for the last two years and finally found this one two months ago! Having a small but unique instrument like this on the road is a lot of fun!

3. I love to bring my chalkboard guitar with me on Tour, it sounds great on stage and it’s always super cool to let fans draw on it after my shows!

4. I also just got these noise canceling Bose headphones! They made all the noisy traveling a lot more bearable. Especially if you’re touring on a bus, noise canceling headphones like this can make the whole touring experience that much more relaxing.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the new remix EP that has recently come out – all edits are based around the filous For Love EP.