Valentino Khan is an Ultra vet, having played 1/5 of every one of the music festival’s flagship events in Miami. So, it was a pleasure catching up with him after his set to shoot the breeze about his new single and all things Ultra.

High off the energy from his performance at the Brownies & Lemonade curated UMF Radio Stage Saturday night, Valentino reminisced on past Ultra experiences and shared new memories straight from the stage. He even let us in on his favorite part about the music festival and the key to having the best Ultra experience.

VK’s well-received new single “Lick It” was also a focal point of the chat. Hear it played out in Valentino Khan’s live set from Ultra Miami 2018 below and scroll down for our interview. Plus, check out the brand new “Lick It” music video!

Valentino Khan – Ultra Miami 2018

What does playing Ultra mean for you?

It’s amazing to keep coming back every year and play Ultra. There are so many people from different countries that come out here — they’re all reppin’ their different flags. I just love bringing my sound to a global audience. I think there’s maybe no more of a global audience than Ultra and everybody here is absolutely amazing. 

Any favorite Ultra moments?

This year was amazing. Brownies and Lemonade was a collective from Los Angeles and now they’re really doing big things. I love being able to come out and support all the people from my hometown. Last year was amazing. A couple of years ago we did the OWSLA All-Stars, so I played an hour and then it was me b2b Getter and Snails and Mija and Team EZY. That was amazing, too. Every year is special for me!

How was it playing your new single “Lick It” for the crowd?

“Lick It,” yeah! I closed my set with it. I just dropped that record a few days ago basically and to see that people are already identifying with the song and reacting to it — it’s a great feeling. It’s a really authentic feeling. 

Anything else in the works?

We’re about to drop the music video for “Lick It” which is crazy! [see below] And, I’m about to go do my first of multiple runs this year in Europe, after Ultra weekend. Then, I’m going on tour with NGHTMRE and Slander in Australia and New Zealand. Then, going back to Asia. Just doing a bunch of festivals and a bunch of club shows everywhere! Like, I can’t even keep track, which is a good thing. A bunch of new music in the works, a bunch of collaborations in the works. Just trying to wrap that all up and get it out to the world.

What’s your advice for having the best Ultra experience?

Take the boat into Ultra — you’ll avoid all the traffic. It’s a beautiful boat ride. 

Valentino Khan – Lick It (Official Music Video)


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Photo: Pete Don