The Lost Boys, comprised by of university friends Andy Mueller and Brett Beaudette, are a new name on the scene, but judging by the quality of this debut release “Sober” they’ll soon make their name known. Their new record “Sober” features the vocals of Griff Clawson and its an intoxicating listen from the second you press play. That, combined with an exciting festival debut at Breakaway Music Festival in Dallas in two weeks makes them an exciting young act to watch.

Andy: You’ve mentioned that you first saw Avicii at age 14 and that inspired you. Can you tell us about where you saw him and what the biggest takeaway from that concert was that eventually influenced your decision to make music?

I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA and I remember thinking how cool that was and how there was a part of me that felt called to do that myself. So I went home, hopped on my laptop and started making crappy beats in GarageBand. I just continued to create and learn by trial and error and YouTube, which eventually led to where I am today.

How did you guys first meet at TCU?

We actually rushed the same fraternity at TCU. Our fraternity pledge class had a slideshow with our names, hometowns and interesting facts and we both put down “I am a DJ” as our interesting fact. Then Brett DM’ed me on GroupMe asking if I wanted to hang out sometime and mix. Little did he know I was an awful DJ, but my background was actually in production, he on the other hand wasn’t experienced in producing but was an insane DJ. Realizing our prospective talents, we decided to team up and teach each other everything we knew and worked together to start this project.

What is the workflow like when you guys are in the studio?

Typically one of us will come up with a concept for a track that excites us both. Then, when we have something we’re excited about, a majority of our time is spent fine tuning everything and getting it to all blend and work together within the mix. It’s at this part where we focus on taking what once was just an idea and truly turning it in to a song. From there on out it’s nit picking all of the small details of the song and taking pride in our finished product. We make it a point to make our workflow very collaborative, constantly sharing ideas, getting the other guy’s opinion on changes or directions for the track. We pride ourselves on being open to pushing ourselves musically and being willing to try everything in regards to our music. Sometimes this process can take 1 hour, sometimes it takes 6 months; it really depends.

Your new song features Griff Clawson, can you describe what it was like working with him?

Griff Clawson is just an insanely talented dude and an even better friend. Immediately upon meeting Griff, we all just clicked, and it’s just so much fun making music between the three of us. He holds himself to such a high standard, just like us, and in that high standard we push each other to experiment and try new things in our music, not only in our collaborations but also in our own music. We all respect each other a lot as artists so that respect allows us to push each other and get the best out of each other. Whether it’s getting each others feedback on tracks, connecting each other with friends and people we meet in our careers, or just hanging out and jamming out, we have his back and he has ours, which is pretty rare nowadays. I think we have at least 10 songs we’re all working on together and I promise you that number will continue to grow higher as time goes on so we are beyond excited to show the world what we’ve been working on.

You guys describe his music as “Daft Punk meets John Mayer” – could you elaborate on what that means?

Griff’s musical background is largely predicated around the acoustic guitar and that’s really prevalent in his sound. His singing/songwriting abilities were really modeled after John Mayer and on top of that his cadence and flow of his voice is similar to that of John Mayer. What’s so cool is that he takes that traditional John Mayer vibe and modernizes it with today’s more synthetic, electronic production. However, his songs aren’t your typical “EDM” they’re more of an laid-back, groovy electronic vibe similar to that of like a Daft Punk. His new releases coming out soon exemplify this to a tee, I can’t wait for you to hear what he has in store. 

How excited are you guys for your festival debut? What should fans be expecting?

Beyond excited. It’s cool going from being two idiots playing their music at a college dive bar to being two idiots playing their music at a festival. It’s nothing short of a dream and it just inspires even more to keep doing what we’re doing and keep making music, so really just feeling blessed at this opportunity and hungry to keep doing it more. In terms of what fans can expect, fans should expect a lot of energy and excitement from us and hey should know that we’re bringing our A game. We have a lot to share with the EDM world and this is finally our platform to do it, so stop by, check out our set and let us show you what we’re talking about, we promise you’ll love it. (Also expect a lot of filthy bangers cause we love them and honestly who doesn’t love filthy bangers).