“Reckless” will be the first track that U.S. dubsteppers Viperactive and R3x0R have collaborated on. Viperactive, who’s currently based in Arizona, has released on a number of labels such as Impossible (most recently with his EP Fricks x Shots) and Drop It Network. With R3x0R also heavily featured on Drop It, it stands to reason that that’s where the two producers met but for their “Reckless” single they teamed up with Play Me Records.

At first listen, “Reckless” seems completely different stylistically from anything either Viperactive of R3x0R have produced individually, mostly because of the palpable lack of brostep. “Reckless” starts out with a heavy old school rave vibe in the synths. Then said synths are twisted and bent into a more modern melody suitable for big rooms. The drums and glitched bass do have a nod to early 2010s-era dubstep but it’s definitely not to an obnoxious level. This is also where both Viperactive and R3x0R’s styles can be heard, as both of them clearly have an appreciation for the golden age of dubstep. The opening synths also seem to match some of the tracks R3x0R did last year

Overall, “Reckless” is a crisp, modern track which also seeks to be at the forefront of U.S. dubstep’s recent resurgence. It seems a smart collab between the two producers and hopefully they plan to make more tracks in the future.

“Reckless” will release in full this coming Monday, March 19. For streaming and purchase links, click here. Look out on Soundcloud for more releases from both Viperactive and R3x0R soon, and check out R3x0R at the Digital Gardens festival in his home state of North Carolina April 20 and 21.