Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 could talk about pretty much anything and we’d be completely engaged by his conversation. So when he was asked about paranormal activity, UFOs, or other strange happenings during his H3 Podcast interview, we were all ears.

The segment, fittingly titled “Ghosts N Stuff” for the special occasion, didn’t provoke any actual ghost stories out of him. However, he did talk about some really weird stuff — including a near death experience, a run-in with an actual dead mouse and a crazy time while gambling with Dillon Francis.

One “spooky” encounter the producer recalled happened when he was walking with his manager (also named Joel Zimmerman). They were discussing marketing and the potential behind the name “deadmau5” — and at that exact moment a cat crossed their path and dropped, literally, a dead mouse before them. Crazy, right?

The interview got even darker, deadmau5 he told another story of how he almost died in a plane crash. We won’t give away all the details on this one, but after this brush with fate, he was truly lucky to be alive.

He ended the segment on a lighter note, reminiscing on a time he went gambling with Dillon Francis and the hilarity that ensued. He couldn’t resist poking some fun at the fellow producer along the way, because at the end of the day, it’s still deadmau5 we’re talking about here.

Watch the entire¬†“Ghosts N Stuff” segment here via¬†H3 Podcast Highlights!

Deadmau5 On How He Almost Died In a Plane Crash

P.S. Here’s another funny little bit on that one time deadmau5 pranked Skrillex on the red carpet at The Grammy. During his talk with H3, he promised it was all in good fun and there were no ill feelings between him and Sonny Moore at the time. Still, a d*ck move.

Deadmau5 Talks Grammys Prank On Skrillex


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