Noor Salman, the widow to the infamous gunman Omar Mateen, has been found not guilty in connection to the killing spree at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub that took 49 lives of the LGBTQ community and injured over 50 others. She was arrested months after the incident on suspicion of obstruction of justice and aiding her husband in providing support to the Islamic State militant group.

This June will mark two years since the horrific terrorist attack/hate crime. On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen opened fire in the gay nightclub, a place that was supposed to be a safe haven for these 49 individuals who lost their lives. Not only did this impact the victims and the loved ones connected to the Pulse Nightclub shooting, it affected every one of us fighting for equality.

Salman reportedly sobbed in court as she was acquitted of all charges in relation to the attack. Her spokesperson expressed the family was grateful for the verdict.

“Noor can go home now to her son, resume her life and try to pick up the pieces from two years in jail,” she said.

Founder of the onePulse Foundation nonprofit, Barbara Poma, asserted that the shooter should no longer have power over any of our lives. “This verdict cannot and will not divide us,” Poma said in an official statement.

“The survivors, families, and first responders as well as the community of Orlando and everyone around the world must now focus on the work ahead of us. We will always carry the pain of what happened at Pulse, and we will never forget those who were taken.”

It is important that we not only remember those killed at Pulse, but that we honor them with action via Stop the Hate. Also, learn about Orlando United Day, a day of love and kindness by The City of Orlando and Orange County Government in collaboration with Pulse Nightclub.


Source: CNN