Swedish House Mafia’s return, though epic in many ways, was not without its issues.

Throughout their set, it seemed like the trio was experiencing technical difficulties with their lights and visuals. Only about 60% of the massive LED screens were in use – and yes, you could argue that this was for “vibe,” but when you have a stage of that magnitude, you make use of it. As for the lights, the array behind them was malfunctioning the whole night, missing entire chunks toward the upper right side; the lights on their side of the raised platform down on the stage were also failing during their set.

However, looking at pictures posted by Swedish House Mafia yesterday, you would never guess these issues existed. It seems that SHM’s team has photoshopped in the malfunctioning lights from last Sunday’s show. Compare the two images below: the first was taken by our photographer, the second was uploaded by Swedish House Mafia to their Facebook page yesterday. The two images were taken milliseconds apart.

Swedish House Mafia photoshop

swedish house mafia ultra


As you can clearly see, SHM’s team went in after the fact and filled in some missing lights from the array behind them and the one above them.

If that isn’t enough of a nail in the coffin for you, examine this image posted by Sebastian Ingrosso on Twitter on March 26. The full light array is illuminated; however, whoever manipulated the image forgot to fill in the reflection on the mirror above (look at the right-most column of lights).

The lights are likely one of the factors contributing to SHM’s decision to not upload their full set to YouTube. But honestly, photos exist of the lights not being there; photoshopping the lights back, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t all that important. But it’s also devilishly funny.


Featured image via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra