Snapchat users are getting into the Easter spirit with a new egg game hunt made especially for the weekend. The “Great Snapchat Egg Hunt” just might be even cooler than real life egg hunts, because it only exists in the virtual realm.

Through geocaching and augmented reality, Snapchat has hidden over 1 million eggs throughout the United States and Canada for the taking. The game is accessible through Snap Map, which is a clear marketing ploy to get more people using the map functions. Still, it’s a fun way to get people out and about, interacting with friends in the real world.

This would only be fun if it were a competition, obviously. So, Snapchat has incorporated the points system and a scoreboard so you can keep track of your friends playing along. Regular eggs are worth one point, but rare, golden eggs will score you five points.

As Newsweek points out, it’s a lot like Pokémon Go. Instead of looking for Pikachu, it’s Easter eggs we’re after. Unlike catching Pokémon, the eggs do not disappear once you pick them up.

Don’t expect any loose change, chocolates, or other knick knacks as rewards from these virtual eggs, just like our parents used to do for us when we were little. Er, the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny would do that.

To get started, just open up the Snap Map to peep the eggs. If you don’t want to share your location, feel free to hunt for eggs in Ghost Mode. Happy egg hunting!

The Great Snapchat Egg Hunt


H/T: Newsweek