Thirty Seconds To Mars just released their new album AMERICA today, and careful listeners will be able to pick out a few EDM producers in the project, namely: Zedd, Yellow Claw, and KillaGraham. Each track is obviously geared more toward TSTM than the producer on it, so it’s not obvious, but little clues give them away. (Plus, y’know, they’re credited for their work.)

Zedd is featured on the single “Dangerous Night,” which was first released this past January. The drums on this one are a dead giveaway for Zedd. KillaGraham helped produce the next song on the album, “Rescue Me.” This one is likely the most difficult for fans to pick out, as KillaGraham’s output has decreased a fair amount since working in the duo Milo & Otis and working with Grey. Still, the general ‘EDM’ influence on the track is there in spades.

Lastly, Yellow Claw worked with Jared Leto (who is credited as producer on every track, often on his own) on the song “Hail To The Victor,” and this one is clearly obvious at the drop. The distorted synths and high-pitched lead are trademarks of Yellow Claw’s, though significantly toned down to match a more indie rock style.

Fans of Thirty Seconds To Mars are already raving about the new album, and now even EDM fans have at least something to latch onto. Check it out below!

Thirty Seconds To Mars – AMERICA


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